Our Swimming Pool is Chlorine Free!

Chlorine Free Pool

Enjoy a ‘green’ pool without the green hair. – That’s right, you can actually relax and enjoy our pool…no chlorine smell, no burning eyes, no salt, no chemical backwash into our beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Our guests are amazed at how clear and clean our pool water is; they say it feels like they are swimming in drinking water! Oh, and we are quite happy to not have to chemically treat and scrub algae from our pool as well. The CL free pool system also removes other chemicals and impurities from our pool water making it safe enough to drink, (but of course we would not recommend that!)

How’s it Work?

eco friendly poolWell, it is rather simple in that the CL free system we use kills bacteria and algae by ionizing copper into the pool water. The CL Free system also freshens and sanitizes the pool water by oxidizing the water with OH which is created by the electrolysis between the Titanium plates.  OK, so maybe it really isn’t all that simple to understand if your not a chemist or engineeer of some sorts, but it does work. If you want all the nuts and bolts of it, take a look at the complete CL free system that we have used for the past two years. Like most Green technology, it does cost more initially than some other systems, but has more than paid for itself since we are no longer spending so much on Chlorine and other chemicals to treat the pool, plus of course our guest satisfaction is Priceless!