Stand Up Paddleboarding

stand up paddleboarding sunset

Stand Up Paddleboarding, (better known as SUP), has become the fastest growing water sport mostly due to the fact that SUP is so easy to learn, and suitible for almost anyone. Most new SUPpers are up and paddling on the first try, and pretty comfortable on the board within the first hour of paddling. At our Virginia Bed and Breakfast, we have a secluded creek that is relatively protected from wind and swells, and is ideal for the first time paddler. Let us get you up and started right here in our backyard! Once you get comfortable, head out to the East River where you can experience a little more challenge in the wind and waves.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals – Available for rent through our friends at Chesapeake Bay Paddling Company. Have your paddleboard and/or kayaks delivered to our Inn. Already experienced? No worries, they will have you out and on your way. Need a little help? They will give you a quick demo on how it is done. Just remember that Stand Up Paddling IS a watersport. You fall in, no problem…you’re meant to get wet and its pretty easy to get yourself back up on the board again.

SUP on Chesapeake BayStand Up Paddleboarding originated in Hawaii, and has gained more popularity in recent years, (especially around the Chesapeake Bay area), not only because it is easy to learn, but you don’t have to have waves to enjoy a paddle. You can paddle almost anywhere you have water, and can explore very shallow nooks and crannies plus see more water life. In our SUP adventures here around Mathews county, we have seen a lot of fish of course, but also river otters, skates, sea turtles, and even dolphins. SUP boards come in many shapes and sizes and even come in lightweight foam as well as portable/inflatable boards! Check out the video below from our friend Macky of Chesapeake Boardsports demonstrating how an inflatable SUP board inflates. Surprisingly, they are really sturdy, easy to paddle on, and travel much more compactly.

Stand up paddleboarding guests on creek

stand up paddleboardsHave your own SUP board? Bring it on down with you to The Inn at Tabbs Creek Bed and Breakfast, and enjoy some of the best paddling the Chesapeake Bay has to offer. There are 18 different public launch sites around Mathews County, and you can experience everything from Marshlands and birdwatching to spotting dolphins around Gwynns Island. You can also launch off one of our beaches and ride the small waves of the Chesapeake Bay or paddle out to New Point Comfort lighthouse, one of the third oldest lighthouses on the Chesapeake Bay. From The Inn at Tabbs Creek, you can explore the East river, or enjoy a sunset paddle. Come see what it’s all about…we bet you will get hooked on SUP!