Outdoor Fire Pit

fireside gatheringFire is good, when it’s done in a safe controlled environment like our fire pit. With a circle of sand around it, a raised pit and a concave bottom, our fire pit provides a safe and enjoyable place to enjoy an outside fire. Whether it’s a crisp autumn evening, a cold winter’s night or the end of a warming spring day, nothing beats an outdoor fire. Combine it with one of our spectacular sunsets and you’ll get a taste of what heaven must be like on the Chesapeake Bay.

It’s not just moths that are attracted to fire. So are we. And so are many of our guests. You never know what might happen…Usually, you can start a fire and enjoy some romantic time with your partner or just reflect on life by yourself, and then it sometimes happens… There’s something communal about a fire. When people smell the smoke, hear the crackling of the wood and see the dancing flames they want to join in. Maybe it is because they know instinctively how it will raise their spirits. Maybe they just know they will have a good time because they will. Many nights when someone lights a fire, laughter can be heard echoing off the water. A lot of times, you can decide for yourself. Have a romantic fire on your own, or invite your fellow guests early on to create a fire party. It is all good!

fire circle sunset

Now you don’t have to just sit there and have a good time without something to eat. We have toasting forks if you have hot dogs or want to roast marshmallows. We even have the ingredients on hand for making S’mores. So, at our Virginia Bed and Breakfast, we provide the wood, Laughter, warmth, beauty and food, what more can you want!